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Epidemic Solutions is developing a smart medical device that will give people suffering from opioid addiction the time needed to recover.
Based on changes in physiological parameters, our smart device will detect overdose and deliver a life saving dose of naloxone without the need for intervention by another individual. As a first step we will develop an app based on our patented algorithm that can detect overdose using signals from existing smart wearables and call for help.

Analysis of NIDA and CDC data by Vox shows that deaths due to overdose are accelerating in the recent years. [inset: lethal dose of fentanyl vs. heroin]. 

  • It is now the number 1 cause of death of people below the age of 50 in the US,
  • leading to an unprecedented 2nd consecutive year with a drop in life expectancy
  • There are ~ 2.5 million suffering from substance abuse disorder, and
  • administration of naloxone to treat overdose costs $1,104 / rescue.
  • The opioid epidemic is estimated to cost the US economy $78.5 billion / year.

The World Health Organization, the National Institute for Drug Abuse, and the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration recognize opioid use disorder as a chronic disease of the brain.

Treatment for opioid addiction should include

  • behavioral therapy,
  • medication assistance, and
  • overdose prevention.

However, the road to recovery is long and hard with a high rate of relapse. Our goal is to prevent death due to overdose and provide anyone suffering from opioid addiction the time necessary to recover.

Initial feedback from opioid users suggest that

  1. They are familiar with risk mitigation methods (buddy system, test shot, etc.), but need a solution to bridge the gap between ideal behaviors and real-world constraints.
  2. Ideally, opioid users want a discrete, wearable device capable of delivering antidote in case of overdose, and
  3. Opioid users are willing to integrate our solution into their rituals and ‘use kits’ to minimize risk of overdose.

Our solution to treat overdose without the intervention of another person, will consist of

  1. a wrist worn smart wearable capable of measuring SpO2, heart rate, respiratory rate, motion, etc.
  2. a smart app that will detect overdose based on signals from the user and call for help and initiate delivery of naloxone.
  3. The third and most challenging element of our solution includes development of a wearable antidote delivery device. [inspired by Omnipod]

We believe that all the technology is currently available to bring this solution to the market.

Our Patented Algorithm

The smart app will monitor physiological signals of the user; and when it reaches a critical level (based on absolute value or change from baseline) it will initiate a cognitive test.

If the user fails to complete the test, the app will call for help and initiate naloxone delivery.

Our vision will take time (30+ months) and money ($3 – 5 million) to implement.

So as a first step we will develop and test (with the help of partners) the smart app that will call for help when overdose is detected.
We expect to complete this within 10 months for less than $100,000.

Preliminary analysis suggests that modest subscriptions of the smart app can fund development of the antidote delivery device and,

save 300+ lives in 2019.

Meet the Team

Joseph Insler, MD

Scott Weiner, MD

Ajoy Basu, PhD

John Moustoukas, MD, MBA

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